Rug Restoration

Oriental rug restoration is an ancient art which takes years of patience and artistry to master. It requires a special talent for matching colors, and recreating the patterns.

At the age of fourteen, Sarkis began an apprenticeship to restore and reweave oriental rugs. Over 40 years later, Sarkis has put his stamp down as one of the best repairman’s in the country.

Oriental rugs are repaired for one or more of the following reasons:

  • worn fringe
  • worn binding
  • dog chew
  • tear
  • moth damage
  • worn pile
  • dry rot
  • holes

At Sarkis Oriental Rugs, fringes and binding can be replaced and/or repaired successfully. Holes can be restored like the original or patched. We re-pile moth-damaged rugs. On worn pile, we do Kashmiri (term used in this industry which means wrapping yarn around the foundation.) Areas affected by dry rot can be rewowen or glued from the back.

Our repairs are done by trained professionals. We take pride in our work and give special attention to each piece by carefully selecting the right color of yarn and thread, and by making sure that the job is done properly. At Sarkis Oriental Rugs, we specialize in restoring all kinds of hand made rugs, wool and silk, tapestries, Savanories, Kilims and Navajos, hooked rugs, needlepoint (see the Before and After section of our site for such examples). We also specialize in customized stair runner installation.

If your rug needs attention, bring it to Sarkis for a free estimate, regardless of whether it is old or new. You will be given an honest evaluation on your rug – guaranteed!